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Here comes the new version of Ourakcha, the guide of gay paradises. Each destination offers you tips on when to go, what to see, eating out, nightlife, sex and accommodation. All tailored to the gay, lesbian or gay-friendy community. And country by country, you will be updated on the local situation for gays and lesbians. Is the destination friendly? Are gays and lesbians outlaws? A complete overview.



A new section of Ourakcha, Chatters allows to meet people who tell us about their creative activity, a job or a passion linked to our LGBT community.

For twelve years, Fabio has been in charge of the website Hot Massage Gay, a very serious activity based on the Tantra Tao philosophy. Through sexual energy, which is the first form of energy, it is about feeding all other energy and go through real personal development. In search of the sublime orgasm, some will search only one surplus of pleasures, while others will come to solve some blockages. Let's go >>

Still online, the chat with Swyky who is a royal furry cheetah. The opportunity to learn more about the Furry movement which is expanding and why not reveal the furry which is asleep within ourselves. Let's meet Swyky >>

New Gay trips online

Bali - Indonesia

Belgium - Brussels

Spain - Sevilla

Italy - Roma Gay

Romans are charmers and a bit macho...


Diving in the paradise creeks of Butterfly island.


The flower island in the arch of Petites Antilles...

Saint Martin

9 of the most beautiful beaches of the Carribean.

Costa Rica

Paradise for ecotourism in central america is a great gay friendly destination.

France - Marseille

The atmosphere is a very macho one in this multi- cultural south of France.

France - Paris

The French capital is so romantic, friendly. It's time to practice french kiss ;-)

Palm Springs

New York

Las Vegas

Argentina Buenos Aires

Cambodia      Asia

Hungaria Budapest

Madagascar   Africa

France             Bordeaux


France             Lille



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