Martinique, the flower island.

A get-away proposed by Dominique from Le Carbet guesthouse.

In the heart of the Caribbean, Martinique is a paradise island in the arch of Petites Antilles between Dominica in the north and Sainte-Lucie to the south. It is a French overseas department whose main city is Fort-de-France. No worries as a tourist to be  openly gay, but the locals remain discreet because mentalities are not ready. They are there and quite numerous but discreet. On the island, the standard of living is relatively high with quality services. Here, no mass tourism or ghetto resort as in other islands of the Caribbean. It is in an authentic and welcoming island that we invite you to visit.



When to go?
The end of November until the end of April is the ideal time because the climate in the Tropics is most enjoyable. Carribean winds blow again continuously at the beginning of December chases strong heat and humidity as the dry season is entered. Lush nature is filled with flowers as the drought settles in. The sky is pure, the sunsets are particularly beautiful.


What to see and what to do
With 1,128 km2, the island has a great diversity of landscapes including a volcano, called the Pelee mountain which peaks at 1,397m. North of Fort de France, the region has tropical forest mountains and is quite wild. The south is a little drier and more developed on the tourist level. The offer in water sports is very diverse. Many hiking trails delight hikers and their access is relatively easy given the size of the island. Gardens, historical sites, museums meet everyone’s taste. And then beaches! A great diversity and even some almost deserted ones offer the opportunity to practise naturism on weekdays outside holidays and school vacations.

In Sainte Anne in the south, the Petite Anse des Salines is one of these beaches and has the reputation of being visited by gays. To get there, turn right at the entrance of Les Salines and drive as far as possible. There is a small parking place and directions to reach the beach. Spartacus also references the Anse Trabaud. To get there, take the Les Salines direction before Saint Anne, then turn left towards the Anse Trabaud, pay a toll to cross a private estate and to reach the beach which is on the right side. Note that no beach is listed as naturist on the island, therefore it is a tolerance!



A delicious and varied creole cuisine, influenced by its European history. Gratins here are made from cristophine, yellow banana, papaya and with bread fruit. You can eat delicious smoked colombo chicken, pork, spicy sausage, chatrou which is a dish made with boiled octopus with rice and red beans, but also crabs and grilled fish. We can complement your food with Ti Punch made from lemon, cane syrup and of course rum from Martinique. The tropical fruit juices are also many... with fruit matured on the tree giving them a delicious taste! At Trois-Ilets, the restaurant Au Poisson d’Or, is not gay but is very popular in the local community. 100% Creole! The products are fresh, well - prepared and nicely served.


Night life

Nightlife is not the strong point of the island. It is linked to events such as the Carnival in February, Easter and Summer Holidays: these are Zouks periods. But since there is no mass tourism, hotels are not many. There is no exclusively gay bar that has lasted long either.

In any case, it will not stop you from finding a nice bar where to have an excellent evening. Moreover gay parties are organised episodically and they are generally very popular. Information is passed by word of mouth or on the Internet. JMConcept972 and its dedicated site to local LGBT organise some as well as a garden parties. They host those who follow its network among which gay-friendly heterosexuals. And then, there is the Kap Caraibes, which is an group whose purpose is to help LGBT people who broke with society and their family. Their actions including KAP' ERO for the world day against homophobia or Kap’ raoke, try to set up social links within LGBT community and the friendly community. A nice example of the living together they contribute in.


While many other Caribbean islands are conservative and rather homophobic, you are in France. That means that gays have the right to marry (see the video at the foot of the page on the first gay marriage in June 2013) and to live in total freedom. You will be quiet but it is not that much of a gay destination. The Martinique gays whose number is insignificant are generally discreet because mentalities are not very open here. They usually declare themselves straight in everyday’s life. A notable percentage of bisexuals are added to them. That is less true for the young generation who comes out much more easily. In any case, all are generally eager to communicate with foreigners. If you are circumspect, you should have quality contacts. You may meet them by chance at the beach and use the usual social networks like Grindr or Gay Romeo. Note that the group Assistances Aide ta Martinique is active in prevention and organises debates "Matnik Sé Tan Nou... OSI! " and a day of Telling to help put words on life with HIV or hepatitises. Beautiful actions.


Where to sleep

Dominique hosts us in Le Carbet in a bed & breakfast that is exclusively for the gay community. Located at Trois Ilets just 20 minutes from the airport of Fort-de-France, it offers 3 rooms with loggia and kitchenette close to the beach. It is well maintained, spacious and air conditioned. The breakfast is copious and opportunities for exchanges... A good address.

How to get organised
Not really complicated to organize your stay in Martinique: book a flight and a car and enjoy its accommodations. The island is not very big and everything is nearby.

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