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Hamid, in prison in Morocco for homosexuality


Hamid was a young gay who was completely out until the death of one of his gay friends led him to a police station and then to prison only because of his homosexuality. Being gay in Morocco is unlawful and police officers are very zealous about it. LGBT tourists often search to meet boys, without realizing what they risk. Chatting with Hamid which opens our eyes >>

Swyky, exceeding the limits of Fisting


 A hard practice for those who want to try more thorough-than-usual anal penetration experience, fisting has got popular to the point of clubs organizing theme nights. Managing to insert a hand in or two for those most advanced is feasible if you are willing to be fisted and find a patient fister. To succeed in getting or giving pleasure, some go further into the practice. We’re chatting with Swyky, a philosopher and anthropologist, whose sexuality is a passion, and who after a lot of training and learning manages to take in an arm up to the elbow. A practice that deserves a few explanations >>

Fabio, the unique experience of Tantra Tao massage.


For twelve years, Fabio has been in charge of the website Hot Massage Gay, a very serious activity based on the Tantra Tao philosophy. Through sexual energy, which is the first form of energy, it is about feeding all other energy and go through real personal development. In search of the sublime orgasm, some will search only one surplus of pleasures, while others will come to solve some blockages. Fabio offers individual sessions and collective courses. This encounter is an opportunity to better understand his approach, work method and why not take the plunge... after all, we are all looking for moments of happiness. Let's go >>

Memorial dedicated to homosexuals persecuted by Nazism in Berlin


Some images of the memorial. We approach this large concrete cube where a hole on the side shows a black and white video with two men kissing. A touching homage to the pink triangles and to the 75,000 homosexuals who died during the Third Reich. The man with a rose watching the video is one of the survivors of the camps.

Swyky, the royal furry cheetah


Furrys are half-animal half-human creatures that are not very well-known to the general public. They often do not have a good reputation and a compared to geeks-deranged- zoophiles because they are very present on the Internet. Living often in a discreet way, they take pleasure in the intimate side of this marginal culture. Let’s chat with Swyky who is a royal furry cheetah. The opportunity to learn more about this movement which is expanding and why not reveal the furry which is asleep within ourselves. Let's go >>

Tattoers and tattooed at Quai Branly museum

in Paris

A beautiful exhibition that highlights tattoos from the sources till today. While this body ornament is praised today, let’s not forget that in Western countries it used to be considered as a sign of infamy, crime or circus attraction. On the contrary in so-called "primitive » societies in Oceania, Africa or the Middle East, it had and still has to a certain extent a social, religious and mystic role. The exhibition explains the history of tatoos with many photos and video documents. Works presented exude real eroticism… Many gay couples visiting last weekend ! We were all under the charm of these bodies transformed into a work of art. See more pictures >>

Inflatable dolls news génération


We would put them in his bed or a sofa history to impress visitors... the realism of these dolls is truly amazing! Some males made of silicone, very soft, are added to the catalogue of Sinthetics, an American company that tackles the gay market. If you take the existing models (photos below) with a few options including the eyes or tattoos, it will cost you US$5900 (without shipping charges). You can extend the sex size or make up your own dolls. A new body is worth a mere US$50,000 and a new head US$8,000. You had better be careful, that the model is willing... not sure that your favourite « people » gives you his permission.

Thierry, model for a super hero...

Many dreams to be a model and to find the one who will magnify their image. This is part of fantasies or a narcissistic thirst... Many are those who do not dare to take the step. But all it takes sometimes is to meet an artist who sees in you a way of expressing his/her art. We met Thierry, who joined Hyperlax Legend, a fantastic tale created by Davy. Chatters on his encounters with the creator and designer of the adventure, his way of working with him, his relationship with the character that he embodies... To be a model for a super hero is a great experience! Find out about it >>>

Enough with monumental dicks !


Great anger from Chinese President Xi Jinping, who called for greater architectural "morality" and the end of the construction of "strange buildings" that make the country ugly. Indeed, Chinese architects showed creativity with the now famous "dick tower" under construction in Beijing. It is due to host the offices of the People’s Daily, the official press agency of the CCP. Since last summer, the giant penis was encapsulated into a more conventional tower. Photoworks with this penis tower, the balls of the Shanghai’s Pearl Tower, Beijing’s Trousers Tower and the hole which the olympic stadium (Beijing again) could represent are everywhere on the Internet…

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