Fabio, the unique experience of Tantra Tao massage.


For twelve years, Fabio has been in charge of the website Hot Massage Gay, a deliberately eye-catching name to get spoted on the Internet, but it is a very serious activity based on the Tantra Tao philosophy. Through sexual energy, which is the first form of energy, it is about feeding all other energy and go through real personal development. In search of the sublime orgasm, some will search only one surplus of pleasures, while others will come to solve some blockages. Fabio offers individual sessions and collective courses. This encounter is an opportunity to better understand his approach, work method and why not take the plunge... after all, we are all looking for moments of happiness.



Fabio. Hot Gay Massage is indeed very eye-catching on purpose since it gets to the point immediately. Hot, to say in direct way, that it is about massage but also about sexuality. It is intended to a male public, hence the gay name. Since I am gay, it makes things easier as there is no ambiguity. And then, the "gay massage" keywords being very frequently searched for on the Internet, I invite a large number of gays to come and see me through that portal. But what governs my massage is the tantra Tao dimension, which is the cult of sexuality elevated to the divine rank.

Stéphan. Precisely, this tantra tao philosophy is your differentiator compared to other masseurs. What is about really?


F. The philosophy is Tao, the practice is Tantra. It is one of the oldest philosophies in the world - 14,000 years of age - and gave all the culture of the Far East, the ying and the yang and particularly the philosophy of energies. All is made up of enegies that there are there in several forms, the first being sexual energy. Tantra Tao consists in developping it by the practice of touching, so as to increase tenfold all other energies which are behind and to reach a spiritual energy. It is about raising sexuality to a divine row. It is the objective of my massages and it is absolutely serious, even if one of the fundamental rules of Tao, is not taken oneself seriously. In China, where this philosophy was developed a lot, traditional medicine is 90% based on sexual acts. In India, tantrism or tantra is a real institution and is the sexual side of Tao.


S. You also refer a lot to personal development and the notion of sublime orgasm.

F. When I speak about raising sexuality to a divine row, it is getting to the point where sexuality is not longer just sexuality, but also something that allows you to grow and develop one’s spirituality. It is very profound and it is a real approach of personal development. And then the sublime orgasm, is not the orgasm as we usually know, rather what a symphony is to karaoke. It will be a moment of connection to yourself and your partner of course, but also the Whole. It is a moment when you have grown so that it is a form of explosion, a small death. Each person has its sublime orgasm, there are no levels, but sessions aim at guiding people on this path. Going through this moment of bliss through sexuality is the ultimate goal of Tantra Tao.


S. So we need a guide because improvising has no room. Which is your background?


F. I have learnt techniques from Masters, but that is not all. It is above all an art that  involves philosophy and psychology. It is exactly like music, if you want to be a good musician, you’d better possess musical techniques to achieve your creation, but the base is your musician soul. It is a life journey that prepare me with real pleasure to guide and accompany the other. You also need to know how put in place of the other and have highly developed natural empathy. Throughout my life  I have chosen to gather all my knowledge of human relationship, for the benefit of sexuality elevation.


S. The massages are openly sexual, so some people might not want to give it a try because they are bashful or have a partner. Who comes to see you for this type of massage?


F. There is no typical profile and you can come and see me from 18 to 78 years, as a single or couple. Everyone comes with his history, his motivation, his desire. For some, the idea is to discover something new. As you hear more and more about Tantrism, many come to enrich their experience. It can also be a need to reconnect to profound emotions. Sometimes, the daily life or life as a couple does not allow you to talk about some subjects. Here, you will find a place where you can let go. There are also those who want to overcome a sexuality-related problem such as premature ejaculation, which is very common. It is really a personal development approach to better discover oneself and progress, and this is true whatever the age.

S. You are the guide and the experienced person. Is this a completely passive relationship, in the sense that you are there to receive an experience and is there going to be an exchange. How do things go?

F. There is a word that I use a lot on my website, it is the notion of fusion creation. Energy and spirituality come from fusion or connection. So, it is not only a sexual massage received in a passive way but a fusion experience. As everyone has his desires, blocking points and personality, things will go differently from one personne to the other, from a very passive way to exchanges. I am a guide and I take people on the path, but what then happens on this path belongs to each person.


S. In most massages, the rule is generally not to touch the masseur. In order to be respectful, there should be a certain reserve from the personne receiving the massage. How is it with you?


F. Nothing can be done without respect because when you do not respect the other, you don’t respect yourself. However, touching the masseur is not necessarily a lack of respect, on the contrary! At my place there can be exchanges and it is respectful because the setting offers the possibility. For some,  their path will be to feel the massage in a completely passive way by exclusively feeling the sensations. For others on the other hand, ther will be a need to share, to touch also, to mass. The aim is the freedom of each personne. So this freedom should be enjoyed first and foremost here.


S. There are individual sessions but also tantra tao discovery courses you organize. Can they change our sexuality?


F. It does not systematically need to change but it can certainly be embellished. The aim is to magnify everything and to move from sexuality to the beauty of sexuality, with the notion of being happy and touching happiness. While in individual sessions, I will be the guide to the person, in a course I teach participants to create a connexion between them. There are of course massage techniques, work on the means to develop sexual energy, to develop one’s points of extreme eroticization, to reach the sublime orgasm, but beyond that, what I teach, it is the sense of fusion and profound connexion.


S. There are two important steps to take to participate in such courses. Get naked with one’s possible complexes and touch people you don’t know.

F. It is true that there is few places where you are going to get naked among other people and even less where you will develop your sexuality with people you have not chosen. It is a great concern for the majority of participants and I often exchange with them on the subject before the course. These concerns are normal and I have the tools, and the methodology to lift any anxiety from the start. Energy is damaged in a serious situation whereas it irradiates in joy and pleasure, so why not go and enjoy it ! The time of the meal to learn to know so much that passes by the game. For example, we start in the pool as it is a way change body landmark and relations to the other. You will let participants touch you and carry you without seeing them. It breaks down barrier between yourself and the people present.


S. What are the feedbacks on these courses? Do participants renew the experience?


F. In the courses assessments, I see people who said they were worried at the beginning, lived the course as on a cloud and leave with eyes full of stars. They quicky realized and experienced the fact that these barriers were not barriers. Actually, I guided them towards  removing those barriers, but the aim of the course is that they are themselves able to remove them. then invited to remove them both the barriers. These are real happiness experiences, that will have a positive impact on personal development, sexual intercourses, relationship with the other and self-confidence. Through the development of sexual energy, you touch all fundamental aspects of a human being. Some return regularly and I organise some every two months, which are often fully booked a long time in advance. You just need to take the step and discover this incredible practice of Tantra Tao.


S. Thank Fabio for this highlight on Tantra Tao. There is even more information on your website hotmassagegay.com concerning the programme and the conditions. There is even a blog with many subjects spotlighted. Let’s get to the sublime orgasm.


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