Swyky, the royal furry cheetah


Furrys are half-animal half-human creatures that are not very well-known to the general public. They often do not have a good reputation and a compared to geeks-deranged- zoophiles because they are very present on the Internet. Living often in a discreet way, they take pleasure in the intimate side of this marginal culture. Let’s chat with Swyky who is a royal furry cheetah. The opportunity to learn more about this movement which is expanding and why not reveal the furry which is asleep within ourselves.

This is what the furry movement?


The furry movement was born in the 80's and gives the possibility to combine one’s fetiche animal with one’s humanity. Today, it is expanding fast and gathers in the furry kingdom called the fandom. It assembles a lot of trends with major differences in the appropriation of identity. You differentiate for instance anthropomorphic furry animals with fur from the scaly, anthropomorphic animals with ladders like lizards and the dragons, or even the fish... but there are other distinction!


In the subdivisions, there are Yiffys. These are furrys who incorporated sexuality in their furry identity. Yiff is the love cry of foxes in English. It is my case. And within Yiffys, there is another subdivision named the perverse furverts or furrys who are sadomasochistic, latexophiles or have out of norms sexual interests. That goes completely beyond the gay or straight norms. I am therefore furry, Yiffy, furvert, to give the whole characteristics.




In France, is there a meeting place where adepts of the furry movement meet?


Unfortunately no. The furry movement is developing a lot, but there must be only 3000 furry spread over the whole territory. It is not enough for a bar to make a living. On the other hand there are several tools to get together, including the furmap which gives the distribution of all French-speaking furrys (mainly in Belgium, France and Switzerland). There is also furafinnity, a site for furry meetings. Finally there are conventions, a sort of great gatherings held 2 or 3 times a year in France for 2 to 3 days. There is a bigger community in England, Germany or in the United States with at least 20 conventions a year a large number of which exceed a thousand participants.


As for the social life, I work at being sociable, but this is not being myself. However, I am not ashamed to go out with my fake 50 cm tail, or with bare arms which are tattooed with my coat like 80% of my body now. I assume all that I am. I have already lost my job since unfortunately I had to wear my slave necklace at work because that I could not take it off as I didn’t have the key. So now, I don’t have much to fear.

Can one integrate the dog-training trend in the furry kingdom?


A furry is half human half animal. Dogs are furry only if they are biped and hold conversations. I actually wonder whether the dog identity is livable being always 4 legs and dumb. I think a dog will be quite temporary, during the time of game while I am furry 100% of my time.


Also I am a royal cheetah, i.e. feline. Compared to the dog, they will undoubtedly be less docile and more independent. No game with the a ball. With a cat you can play with a thread.  That is to say draw his attention. While the dog recognises his Master as such, the game between a feline and his Master is more subtle and sometimes you might wonder who of the two is the Master.

A dog never rebels against his Master. Felines will not hesitate to scratch if thing go beyond what he admits. It is not that there is no subjection, nor that the feline will not submit to the rules imposed, but a Master can not tame it and manage it as he could do with a dog. It is more about generating desire. The Master should also admit that when going too far, he can receive a scratch. The Master has an abusive conduct, I start by growling, then to scratch and if I can’t speak, a bleeding comment can come. My Master muzzles me if he thinks I am too chatty... but that does not happen so often.


A feline is more tamed with softness and complicity than by constraint and punishment. I am regularly punished by my Master, but if it was only that, no feline would remain attached to his Master. He simply leaves, whereas it is rare that canid is detached from his Master. The feline/Master relationship is a subtle game of balance where sensuality has a proeminent part.




It seems that there is a feline fundamentally sadomasochistic share. What is it and what it changes on the sexual games?


What starts the ovulation a she-cat (I’m talking about the animal), is the pain of the intercourse due to the fact that cats’ penis has spikes against direction, the result being that it gets in easily, but tears off when getting out. The copulation of canids is through a swelling of the penis which is blocked inside.  


This is not not painful, but the person penetrated cannot move off before the end of the intercourse from the act. For felines, the act can be short or long, but it will be painful. Thus, I do not hate to get the whip during an intercourse, I would even say that it can get me an orgasm. It is the same with needles. In the cats spirit, pain and pleasure are closely linked. In the canine spirit, constraint and pleasure are closely linked.

Ultimately, I am looking for over the keenness, subtlety, sensuality, even complexity in my dominant/dominated relations. Masters coming to my place giving orders and thinking that would be enough to be obeyed will leave disappointed. With a feline, simpers are a must. Then, when trust is installed, everything becomes possible...


BDSM (bondage, domination, sadism, masochism) is actually my passion. I devote all my leisure in document research, practice periods with more experienced people and experiments to be up to date on a practice and then be able to teach it.


When I met my Master I was getting fisted gently to the to the wrist only. To give him the pleasure of fisting me to the elbow, it took me months. In the same way, before know him, I did not know how to do it and I learned how. It is the same thing for a lot of practices... that cannot be improvised.

Where did you meet your Master and how are things going with him?


There is no good method to meet the good Master. I simply met mine on GayRomeo. It took him 6 months to tame me. I have lived with him for 15 month. But today, scratches are still possible. This is certainly why the permanent subjection relationship is livable for me. There are days without when like any feline, I need to be left alone. My Master remains my Master, I continue to address him as vous, but if mood is not there, do not expect to play with the thread. Codes are established.


When I came to articulating my fantasies and my identity, I quickly realized that the canine identity did not correspond to me. I have nothing the docile and obedient doggie ; at least  I did not see me with this posture. For me, the feline identity has this advantage of being compatible with my permanent subjection. On certain aspects, I remain untamable. But there are many things I agreed to do for my Master because it made them attractive to me.

It is a permanent relationship. I am dominated 100% of the time. He is my Master100% of the time. There are estrous and intense periods sexuality that can last for several days. There are more neutral times, when I simply carry out slave tasks and duties. I must prepare his breakfast, meals, tidy up the apartment.


And I am the alpha, i.e. the dominant male with respect to my slaves brothers at home. But presently, they don’t live permanently at home. One of them is evolving towards a furry tiger identity. Thus a feline like  me. The other is a manta ray. The aquatic furry is an animal from the depths, discreet, who can be self-effaced. With my feline brother, love relations are those of cats, passionate, strong, and always including scratches.




The master/top and slave/bottom associated is classical imagery. However that seems more complex than that in your relations ...


Being dominant or dominated is a posture. It has nothing to do with sexual practices. Associate dominant and top jus as dominated and bottom is not the reality. My Master enjoys being fucked and fisted. Consequently, I fuck him and fist him when he wants it. I don’t have my word. In the same way, I am a dominant when I am fisted by my brothers because it is me who gives the tempo, who gives orders, whether I am top or bottom.


It took me a very long time to understand I was both a masochist and sadist, dominant and dominated, top and bottom. At the beginning I thought that being dominant meant being necessarily at top. And I felt less guilty coping with my masochism than my sadism which I repressed.


I ended up understanding my sadistic inclinations quite late, when I realised that I did nothing but give what was expected. So I assumed my masochism early and sadism late. Once I assumed both inclinations, the alpha position became natural. To be a teacher, is in itself a dominant position.


I am alpha only by the will of my Master, but I remember having told him from the start that if I was not to be his alpha anymore, as independent a feline that I am, I would look for another Master. So where things set. He can degrade me but I will draw the consequences of it.

What is the daily life of a royal cheetah furry?

My Master insists that I maintain a social life by having a job. Personally if I had the choice, I would do without. Being a slave and moreover an alpha is a very full time work. I must work my BDSM subjects and being very perfectionist, that takes a lot of time. It has happened that it is actually me who taught my Master a new practice.


There is also my transformation and that of my brothers. My Master requires that we are tattooed with a scanable bar code which displays our certificate of property, and then we are iron-marked. For tattoos, we make proposals, which he validates or not.


Besides, he loves novelty. We often receive other people and he can lend us to other masters of his choice. We do not choose our partners. He either assigns them to us, or we must get his approval. The life of a royal cheetah furry, is that of any city feline, an invisible predator, sometimes expelled, finding asylum at his Master’s as much by interest than for pleasure, between dependence and independence.


Anyhow, I found in the furry movement the expression of my unique identity. When I met the first furrys it was on second life. That fascinated me. I said to myself like it was obvious: that’s it, this is what I am! It is my inner side. More than a human being, not an animal, a hybrid. Being furry, you get the advantage of redesing yourself, of redrawing yourself, of rethinking yourself. My body is no longer a body that I received, it is my creation. I do not have to live with it anymore, I reinvented it under the impulse of my Master. I was born a second time.


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