Thierry, super hero model...


His character is Dantrolene, an self-effacing observer, of apparent passivity that hides a real interest for the army of monkeys and would be at the basis of everything in Davy’s Hyperlax-legend.

The adventure began almost a year ago for Thierry, aka Zebrenig on Instagram. We are chatting on his encounter with the creator and designer of the adventure, his way of working with him, his relationship with the character that he embodies... To be the model for a super hero is a great experience! Let’s chat a little ;-)


You are one of Hyperlax-legend’s characters. How did the experience start for you?

It all started when a competition was launched for Mylène Farmer’s Monkey Me record sleeve. During this competition I fell by accident on  Davy’s proposal. A magnificent Yeti woman, feminine, animal, strange and worrying. That sleeve would have been more interesting than the one chosen.


I discovered Davy’s Instagram account through that creation. I immediately liked his pencil style very much. Many of his drawings were linked to fashion and a certain aesthetic. I saw in the drawings a Thierry Mugler influence.  


I think I sent him a comment or private message alluding to this "influence". He then told me he had worked at Mugler a few years before. Initial contacts did not go further, but I followed his account and posted "likes" on the drawings that I loved. I enjoyed a lot seeing Igers, that were transformed into comics characters such as Tom de Montmartre or Christian Bendek. I was very surprised to find out I had become a Davy character.


I don’t think that was for Hyperlax-Legend yet but he had used one of my selfies, taken just awake, half asleep, yawning... Under his pencil I became a sort of vampire with canines fully out... amazing and very flattering. 


I can’t remember how the rest happened. He took over and reworked other selfies, gave me some hints telling me about his project, that he was searching for Igers with some "personality"  to turn them into some caracters within a project. I was again flattered and as I have always been attracted by artistic projects, I said ok!


There is a physical resemblance, but does your character have elements of your personality?

The physical resemblance is disconcerting, but regarding the personality, it is more complex.


My character – Dantrolène - is not Thierry, although when Davy explained me the character’s main traits, I was surprised to find things that fundamentally spoke to me and that Davy couldn’t have known. The only elements he knew about me where those that the pictures posted on my Instagram account may haved revealed. It astonished me so much that I told my friend and my best friend, who also saw similarities there.


The follow-up of the adventure will confirm or not things depending on how its creator will make Dantrolène evolve.


Why do you think Davy selected you?

I don’t know. It seems that his idea was to find Igers with a certain personality. I don’t know if I have indeed a particular personality but it seems that something shows through what I post on my Instagram account and that spoke to him.

I understood that he already had quite a few characters, that the history was falling into place, but he was still looking for someone for Dantrolène, who seems to have a special role in Hyperlax-legend. I think it is one of my photos that convinced him he had found his Dantrolène...


How did you work with him?

To start with, Davy picked up photos on my Instagram account, then quickly spoke to me about image rights and sent to me a contract for the yielding of my image rights. I then realised that Davy’s project was not just an artistic leisure but really an artistic project that could lead to something else than some images posted on Instagram. That gave a more real and serious dimension to the project. So I did a few series of specific photos just for Davy for him to use them in Hyperlax-legend.


He gives me indications on what he needs, wide angle photos, on foot, torsion, low-angle shot, etc. That is quite epic because I took all my photos alone with just a modest ipod touch. In addition to these series - 2 or three dozen pictures - Davy also identifies photos on my Instagram account. It leaves me a com’ on those that interest him and I send them to him by email.


Do you see a gay dimension in the Hyperlax-legend adventure?

I was going to say no: why always define a work, a project. The approach is primarily artistic. Thinking about it, it is true that the homo-erotic aspect is important in the drawings, But perhaps I perceive it because I’m gay myself. Perhaps another eye would have another perception. All comics have a homo-erotic dimension but I think they are mostly read by straights who only see super hero stories...


On  the gay dimension, there is this story with hair which is central in Hyperlax-legend even though I don’t know the story much because, I discover it on the website as everyone. God knows that hair, whether it is visible, displayed, exhibited or hidden, shaved, depilated,  has a huge place among gays!

Does this mean that Hyperlax-legend is gay? I get back to my initial idea: it is primarily an artistic work and everyone will give it the dimension and meaning that will make sense to them...


You do not know the continuation of history. Is there a veto on what is going to happen with your character?

No. Dantrolene is not me. It is only my image that is partial and reworked and, without knowing him, I trust Davy. If the adventure makes him do, live, say things that displease me, it will be Dantrolène, not me. That said, who knows how I would feel...


Outside is the Hyperlax-legend adventure, what your vision of your body and what are you ready to reveal?

I don’t have a good image of my body even if with the years passing, I assume things and my own body better. I don’t feel comfortable with my pectus excavatum which has always drawn me not to reveal my chest. My fairly recent coming out changed things, as if the fact of saying who I am also helped show this particular chest.

Some photos of me that I post on Instagram and the "likes" they get also played a part. Finally to be selected by Davy next to "bombs" like Christian Bendek reassures me... That’s what I tend to believe and it is quite flattering.  

Besides, I have nothing more to reveal. The photos that I take for the project are generally nudes. Davy works on them and uses them as he wants. Once transformed into drawings these photos are no longer me. It would be different if the photos were used as they are.


Is there a creation you could share with us?

More than one activity or a creation, it is rather an artistic coincidence that I would like to share. Art in all its forms has always attracted me and I find myself - by chance - involved in two artistic projects. First of all Hyperlax Legend, then Le Poulpe by Tita Guéry.


I met Tita last May during the day against homophobia. She was searching for people to interview on the question of sexuality ;  what had been transmitted to us, untold, said, hidden ;  how we define it, the words, the expressions, the souvenirs, secrets... Her idea was to illustrate with a soundtrack an octopus engraving that she was creating.


Some time after this first contact, I found myself interviewed, giving out my words on sexuality, my sexuality, my pseudo heterosexuality, my latent homosexuality, my coming out, my progress...

Coming back to the question about the gay dimension of Hyperlax-legend, I realize that if the entrance key I use is that of art to talk about these two projects I’m involved in, I finally use an important part of homosexuality each time to evoke them... Two projects that allow, in a way, to unveil me, after having long been hidden...


To conclude, which is your favourite character in Hyperlax-legend and for what reason...

Egoistically I would say Dantrolène because he speaks to me, reveals me, awakens me ...


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