Gay Cruising spots in Paris


With the rise of smartphones and applications like Grindr allowing to know who is cruising and at what distance (sometimes only a few metres away!), cruising spots  have become less crowdy. Only remain those who like the thrill of screwing outdoors, the experience of an approach much nicer than a fuck time negotiated on the Internet, a sauna and a sex club.


The clientele is varied, very young people to very old, with discreet guys, fuck addicts, others who do not like the Marais’ "muscle queens", some homophobes who come all the same for a blow job as their wives do not like to suck dicks. It is always cheaper than going to the prostitutes! Finally, that’s exciting for some, a poll indicates that the outdoor cruisers are 70% straight, often married and with children.

Just to let you know, sexual practices, exhibiting oneself, soliciting and prostitution in public areas are strictly forbidden by the French law. It would be interesting to follow the Dutch experiments, particularly in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, where to screwing in public parks is allowed, after nightfall, in certain areas bordered by panels. The police presence is only used to avoid attacks. The pleasure of screwing outdoor without the infringement.



Probably the most surprising spot because in the heart of the tourist activity, the bush surrounding the Caroussel of Musée du Louvre offer a small labyrinth, a bit like in Alice in Wonderland, always a bit busy and really coming alive at night. In a semi-darkness, men pass each other by, group together and there is action. The museum’s emergency exits, which is underground, lead to the bushes and are sheltered from public view. They are sometimes as crowded as the backroom of a sexclub. You will have be careful with  your phone and wallet because darkness attracts all kinds of people. In addition, the police is very present during day time to chase those who are cruising. Alice, gets hotter at night!

Not far from there, the Jardin des Tuileries Seine behind the Orangerie or below on banks of the Seine at the same level, are no longer gay meeting places but some gays hang around there, probably with nostalgia. For sure this is a pleasant place and the joggers run across each other while exchanging more or less discreet looks. It is quite the same on the Champ De Mars, near Ecole Militaire...


There is always Porte Dauphine, busy with male prostitutes and cruising in the bush behind the restaurant of Pavillon Dauphine. Guys meet up in the alleys of wood and the bush. It is famous for very fast and direct screwing. Some cruising as well in the Père Lachaise cemetery, but mainly in the summer. Entering through the main entrance, the cruising spot is on the right side in division 39,28 and 40. Otherwise, the Sablières, in the extension of quai d'Austerlitz, were for a long a debauchery spot but works have since been completed.


Near Paris and accessible by metro (line 1), the Bois de Vincennes is quite lively. You need to park in front of the castle or on the Pyramid road where there is a car park. Take the Dauphiné road up to the roundabout, then go to the bird observatory and one of the small paths on the right side. In the small wood after the clearing, there is some cruising. Further up, a second clearing where guys sunbathe and cruise in the nearby woods. It is very crowded in summer or on weekends on sunny days and quite hot.

A little further away, there is the Bois de Verrière, allowing you to sunbathe, cruise in a clearing or screw in an abandoned military area which is rather unusual. It is close to Verrière-le-Buisson. Take A86 in Clamart towards Créteil. There is a sign for Bois de Verrière with a steep turn and the possibility to park. If you come by public transport, take a bus to Ront- Point du Petit Clamart, then the pedestrian bridge that crosses the A86 freeway. There is cruising directly on the left side in wood, a little further on the right side, but to reach the clearing, you need to walk for a long moment on Route de Verrières until the pedestrian roundabout and take Sygrie road over thirty metres then turn left. The clearing is pleasant with a lot of people sunbathing in the summer and cruising along the paths closeby. To get to the military area, you need to continue straight to the first roundabout and go to the other end of wood. It is on the right side, you will easily recognize it with long concrete tagged wall. It has some entrances. The interior consists in many buildings and there are even caves. It is quite fun but there might be some gangs who are not  necessarily friendly who come to hang out. Caution is really necessary.


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