Gay night life in Paris


From late morning it is possible drop by at the Open Café (17 rue des Archives, Hôtel de Ville metro) for lunch, to see and be seen at the terrace in summer and winter or enjoy a drink around the large circular bar. It is a classic in the Marais. Les Marronniers (18 rue des Archives) is also a cafe open all day and is very popular in the community. At the end of the afternoon, a few metres away, Cox (15 rue des Archives) opens its doors to a more leather or uniform public. With its crowded terrace and regularly changed decor, it is one of the most dynamic institutions of the neighbourhood. Not far from there, from 8:00pm, the Raidd Bar (23 rue du Temple) is another unmissable for its festive atmosphere and its boys delivering their show under the shower which serves as a stage. Unic and terribly sexy. You will need to go towards Châtelet, to get to the mythical Banana Café (13 rue de la Ferronnerie), with its extravagant evenings and its gogo boys every evening on stage and under palm trees.

And let’s not forget: the Quetzal (10 rue de la Verrerie) and its friendly pool; the Duplex (25 rue Michel le Comte, Rambuteau metro) and its house music or its exhibitions; the Bears' Den (6 rue des Lombards) which hosts bears, daddies and their admirers; its neighbours, Sly Bar, The Labo with its "singles or not" after works and the Tropic Café are at 22, 37 and 66 on the same street; Spyce Bar (23 rue Ste-Croix de la Bretonnerie) with its gogos and its neighbours, Freedj and Feeling at the 35 and 45 on the same street; finally, the Velvet (43 rue Saint-Honoré, Châtelet metro) which is a popular and very friendlycocktail bar with house/electro/rnb DJs creating a crazy atmosphere.

Otherwise, cabarets are still alive in Paris! In Montmartre, that of Michou (80 rue des Martyrs, Pigalle metro) and its transformist artists. The room is very small and has terribly aged, but it is a real historical monument. L'Artishow (3 Cité Souzy, Rue des Boulets metro) is another transformist show with diner and rather pleasant and slightly bigger. Don’t miss Mylène Farmer, Sheila, Dalida, Piaf... but also Madonna, Cher or Michael Jackson!


Club wise, Club 18 (18, rue du Beaujolais, Palais Royal, Pyramid or Bourse metros) is the oldest gay club in France. It has existed for more than 60 years and plays dance, electro, pop or disco... all styles are there with special evenings such as sexy boys, foam or singles parties. The legendary Gibus (18 rue Faubourg du Temple, Republique metro) has existed for more than 40 years but has totally changed with a club equipped with a new sound system, light shows and a cruising space. The new team works under the label Wake Up Paris! and organises gay nights every Saturday including Scream, Beyond, Rapido ...

Torrid BBB nights (for Black-Blanc-Beur) continue in various places. La Lim has two nights once a month: Docteur Love on Saturday and Lim Teadance on Sunday. Under-T Party is at club 79 (22, rue Quentin Bauchart, George V metro). The Queen (120, av. des Champs Elysées, George V metro) is no longer gay but remains very friendly.

In a very different style, Boîte à Frissons, formerly the Tango (11 rue au Maire, Arts Et Métiers metro) has a gay and lesbian ball on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. It is run by Herve, called Madame Hervé who is a real character. On a wooden floor, couples dance the waltz, tangos, pasodobles, polka, rock... until the Madison of 00:30am when discos starts together with more recent music. Regularly, at the Singles ball Madame Hervé tries to assemble couples. A great moment of fun.


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