Absolutely fabulous Las Vegas !

Nicknamed Sin City, Las Vegas is an oasis with a sulphurous image in the Nevada desert.. Casinos of course, money that flows from one-armed bandits or that disappears from a games table... Everything seems organized so that you cannot leave the city, but the rest of it is just as interesting: shopping, entertainment, happy hour, all-you-can-eat buffets, pool parties... So many temptations! It is a tourist attraction where everyone comes to party with a lot of tolerance. Here, you let people do what they please and do not judge anyone. Gays from around the world come here to feel good and have fun. A perfect place to have a good time, so come visit !


A big thanks to Kangcheng for all his advice on nights out... Vegas guided by a local is fantastic!



When to go?

300 days of sunshine a year... here the umbrella is used as a parasol! The weather can be slightly cool in December / Janvier and terribly hot (more 40°C!) in July /August. The city is curiously crowded during these periods, during « Spring break » and American holidays. For sure this is a popular destination in the whole country. Many events and conferences are also held there and hotel rates rocket  those weeks. Gay Pride takes place at the beginning of September with a parade and events over several days among which the incredible parties organised by Gay Days.

What you must see

Drive up and down the Strip to discover the casinos-hotels with incredible architecture. From South to North: Luxor, Excalibur, MGM, New York New York, Bellagio, Paris, Caesar's Palace, The Venitian, The Mirage, Treasure Island, Circus Circus and Stratosphere Tower to name only the main ones. Each in its style is surprising and worth a visit. Many shops, restaurants, galleries, entertainment (the Bellagio fountains, the Mirage volcano...) a few museums, and of course a casino. Downtown Las Vegas is also worth a visit, especially Fremont Street and its long street covered by a huge screen. This is where you can discover the old neon signs of historic casinos. The chapels to get married hurridly  are also concentrated in this area.


What to do

For sure, you will be tempted by the slot machines... but there is huge shopping to do and many sales all year round. The casinos of the Strip have many shops, The Fashion Show Mall (3200 Las Vegas Blvd. , South) is gigantic and you will find shopping outlets not far from the centre. Drop by at the M&M's shop) which is pure madness! On the gay side, pool parties are organised at the Luxor on Sundays with Temptation Days but only a part of the pool is privatized. On Saturdays, the Tropicana with Xposed dedicates its pools completely to the event which are exclusive for the community. A great opportunity to show your new swimsuit and chat with everyone. A really good experience.


You will have a huge choice of restaurants and all kinds of cuisine seem represented. The hotels-casinos often have excellent all-you-can-eat buffets (including the Bellagio) at very reasonable prices... their goal is that you digest quietly in front of a one-armed bandit. Fast-food wise, we loved In & Out burger and its old style recipes, and Wendy's among so many others! With a bigger budget, Sushisamba has a distinctive cuisine mixing Japanese and Latin America influences, House of Blues, Rainforest Café or Cheesecake factory never disappoint, Top of the World located in the Stratosphere tower of Tower rotates and offers an incredible view of the city.


Night life

The City of shows and especially THE city of Cirque du Soleil. No less than 8 shows are on, among which some of the most breathtaking in the world. Some stages were actually built to match theaters’ dimensions with huge technical means. Kà and its huge swirling scene, O and its stage/swimming pool with a moving bottom, Love which pays tribute to the Beatles or Michael Jackson One, a pure moment of ecstasy for lovers of Michael whose universe is expanded with a lot of screens and special effects. His appearing as a  hologram singing and dancing amidst the troop is amazing. Each show has lots of dancers, acrobats, costumes, and a musical theme. A Cirque du Soleil show is really to be scheduled for early evenings.

If you haven’t booked a show, you can tour the bars before going to a club. Charlie's (5012 Arville st.) or The Garage (1487 E Flamingo Rd.) are busy with locals and sell really cheap drinks. FreeZone (610 E. Naples Dr.) has karaoke and drag shows some evenings. Flex (4371 W Charleston Blvd) claims to allow you to have more  contacts than with Grindr. There is also Fun Hog Ranch (495 E. Twain Ave) for Bear customers, Eagle Bar (3430 E. Tropicana Ave) is also very crowded, Snick's Place (1402 S 3rd St) is the oldest gay bar of the city. Free Zone (610 E. Naples Dr.) is the meeting place for lesbians. Revolution Sunday (3400 Las Vegas Blvd. South) is a really nice evening which takes place every Sunday at Hotel Mirage. A lot of people and a good atmosphere. You can check the local gay magazine QVegas to keep you informed of the events.


The famous Krave (3765  Las Vegas Blvd S), not far from Freemont Street is currently closed and should re-open soon. Our two favourite clubs are Share (4636 Wynn Rd) and Pirahna (4633 Paradise Rd). Share is open Thursday to Saturday from 10:00 pm and has the best gogo dancers of the city. Here, no false sex under their sexy underwear. You will feel it when you give your tip; ) - Customers are between 20 and 35 years. Pirahna attracts a little older crowd and is open all week. Many latinos and gogo dancers but who use fake sex, which is less fun. Both do not charge entrance fees. You will often find the same people going from a night club to the other the same evening.

Gay sex

Where to stay

The only hotel that was 100% gay, Blue Moon Resort (2651 Westwood Dr.) unfortunately closed its doors in October 2014 after 12 years of activity. Located near the Strip, it offered on 3 floors of rooms, a cave with a waterfall, a hammam, jacuzzi and the place was particularly popular during BBQs on Sunday afternoons. To be continued, should it be taken over to and a new hotel for gays be born.

Besides, each casino has its hotel and prices are very affordable for quality services. While the theme of the hotels (New York, Paris, Egypt...) is reflected their architecture and interior decor, bedrooms are however often very standard. In any case, the objective is not to keep you in your room: get to the slot machines!


In the region

The Death Valley is just 2.30 hours by car. It can a day trip but why not spend the night there to better enjoy different colours and ghost villages. It is the hottest spot on the planet and experiencing Death Valley in the summer requires precautions. Winter or Spring are the best seasons to cross the valley. Zion National Park, at the heart of a 700 ft deep canyon is 3h30 by road. A four hours’ drive away, Bryce Canyon and its rocky needles are superb. Both parks are usually covered by snow in winter. Finally, there is of course the Grand Canyon and its incredible red stone amphitheatre. It is a 5h drive to access the emblematic site but day trips to the north bank give a good overview. A helicopter experience is exciting.

How to organize itself

A trip to Las Vegas is easy to organize. Once your plane ticket has been booked, there is so much hotel capacity that guests find last minute accommodation without a problem. Renting a car is not very useful if you do not want to visit the region. The city is large, but there is a good transport network and everything is relatively close.

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