Gay and gay friendly resorts of Palm Springs

641 San Lorenzo Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92264, États-Unis
Phone +1 760-325-5269 - See their website.


A gay guesthouse without much charm built in the 1950's in San Lorenzo. Since the arrival of the new owners, Mark and Greg, a part is quite nicely renovated, unlike the other which is very basic. So ask before booking, as the swimming pool is very pleasant and rates reasonable.

Hacienda in Warm Sands
586 S Warm Sands Dr., Palm Springs, CA 92264, États-Unis
Phone +1 760-327-8111 - See their website.

In the gay area of Warm Sands, Haciendra is run by Paul and Robbie and is one of the best gay resorts of the city. With only 10 bedrooms, the resort is peaceful, elegant yet informal with careful staff. Two swimming pools, a jacuzzi, a patio where a great breakfast is served, a pillows menu... everything you need! A little more expensive than the others, but the resort is worth it.

280 E Mel Ave, Palm Springs, CA 92262, États-Unis
Phone +1 760-323-2868 - See their website.


This small 11 bedrooms resort is famous since the change of owner for being the place where you come to stay and play with porn stars. No wonder since Matt Sizemore, the new guest, is a gay porn legend and has a huge address book. All equipment is there with a sling, Saint Andrew cross, big cave, large jacuzzi... Naturism and action are encouraged. Day or evening pass. The atmosphere is rather that of a sauna but sleeping is possible there ;-).

601 Grenfall Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92264, États-Unis
Phone +1 760-327-1408 - See their website.


One of the reference accommodations of the city with its 24 very well decorated bedrooms, large pool and many palm trees, that boasts a "clothing optional is forever". The place is nice, very well maintained and has a relaxed atmosphere. Jon and Sandy are very friendly and present for those who like to chat. Their promotional video gives an air of quietness but the atmosphere can be cruisy too. The resort was actually used for the shooting of several porn movies.

Pura Vida Palm Springs
589 Grenfall Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92264, États-Unis
Phone +1 760-832-6438 - See their website.

David and Peter welcome you in their gay clothing optional resort consisting of 8 suites. With very good facilities, it is luxurious, elegant and very intimate. A good accommodation for those looking for comfort and calm.

Santiago Exotic Men's Resort
€650 San Lorenzo Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92264, Etats-Unis
Phone 760-322-1300 +1 - See their website.

Jay, Mark, Oscar and Bob welcome you in this 23 bedrooms resort on two floors, that has one of the largest pools in the city. It is located on San Lorenzo Road with a beautiful view of the San Jacinto mountain. It is quiet and a really beautiful place.

Tortuga del Sol
15 San Lorenzo Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92264, États-Unis
Telephone 760-416-3111 +1 - See their website.


Located on San Lorenzo Road, Tortuga del Sol is run by Rick and Rob and has been on of the reference gay clothing optional resorts for over 13 years. A really beautiful garden with palm trees, lemon trees, bougainvilleas, a pool, a large jacuzzi... It is a really pleasant place and reasonable prices seem to attract a population slightly younger than in the other resorts.

Triangle Inn
55E San Lorenzo Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92264, États-Unis
Telephone 800-732-7555 +1 - See their website.


A small 9 bedrooms resort built in the 1950s. It is a nice place, clean and elegant for a peaceful stay. Moreover, Stephen and Michael are truly careful hosts.

Vista Grande Resort
574 S Warm Sands Dr., Palm Springs, CA 92264, États-Unis
Telephone 760-322-2404 +1 - See their website.

For over 30 years now, Bob and Robert have welcome guests at the Vista Grande. The 26 bedrooms property consists of 3 sections, one with a large swimming pool and a rather lively sunbathing area, the other also around a pool but quieter, and a beautiful garden with lush waterfalls, a large jacuzzi, hamman, lagoon and a huge statue to the God Penis... a sort of tropical forest in the desert! The virtual tour on line is quite fun. It is a very beautiful place. The resort give a friendliness feeling and is more cruisy as night falls, while remaining quiet and pleasant.

Warm Sands Villas
555 S Warm Sands Dr., Palm Springs, CA 92264, États-Unis
Telephone 760-323-3005 +1 - See their website.

In the district of Warm Sands, this gay clothing optional resort with an air of old Spanish hacienda, welcomes tourists since 1936. Major renovations were made in recent years and bedrooms are really clean and well-kept. It has good value/money ratio and Mo, the new owner is very friendly. Recommended for those seeking a quiet stay.

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